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How It All Started: The Man Who Punched A Military Man [Watch Full Video]

Finally, here is an explanation to the video that went viral on social media yesterday of a young man who slapped a soldier that punished him for disobeying the current Ghana lockdown rules.

The Video

As military and police officers have been asked by the president to make sure the lockdown rules are obeyed, it has rather come with a lot of violence.

Ghana’s President Nana Addo, announced a lockdown on these major cities starting today, 30th March, 2020 in a national press statement. Read everything about the lockdown here.

A lot has gone on since, …some people have disobeyed and have been punished by military and policemen, while some have just been obedient enough to stay in their homes as directed by the president. See the several videos of military men and civilians clashing here.

Yesterday, two videos hit the internet of a young man who was made to do squat by a soldier by the roadside. Watch that video here, or see how he was chased down and arrested here.

What Really Happened

A new video circulating social media gives further and a better explanation of what really went down.

Apparently, the young man in question was asked by two police officers to do some sort of punishment but he argued with them for a very long time until he was sent to the military man in question to deal with him.

His many attempts to explain anything was ignored, …and that is how the flogging and squatting started…

The New Video

Watch the new video from where the incident took place below, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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