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How Ghana can turn filth into gold

Over the last 40 to 50 years, bags and other household materials made of polythene have been good servants, but also very bad masters.

Disused polythene or plastic materials are today, threatening to clog most communities’ gutters, kill their streams and frustrate roots of plants from reaching the nutrients they need for growth.

Can plastic materials be made only useful and not harmful?

If such products as biofuel, roofing sheets, tiles, pavement blocks, foundation concrete and many others can be made of disused plastics; then, Ghana needs to re-engineer how she treats her plastics.

It is then that Ghana can cure the bad master nature of plastics so plastics remain good servants alone.

Adom News’ Felix Anim-Appau has been speaking with some industry stakeholders and Ghanaians on how the plastic waste that has engulfed the city can be turned into gold.

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