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How Can A Whole Supreme Court Do This- Dissapointed Kwesi Pratt Blasts The Supreme Court

The hearing of Mr. Mahama’s application is continuous and pressures are running intensely. The Ghanaians saw a progression of uncommon games as the Applicant’s observers had just given their proof to validate the inquirer’s claims. Mr. Mahama is challenging the official political race results in the wake of raising cautions on the EC’s last announcement and lead on final voting day.

At the last hearing, consequently, Day 10 of the hearing of the appeal, the third observer of the applicant, Mr. Rojo Mettle Nunoo documented his assertion of proof to demonstrate Mahama. Rojo Mettle Nunoo, one of the two envoys to the National Collation StrongRoom, puts his reliability to the line of declaration and guards Mr. Mahama over his supposed electing extortion.

A veteran columnist or journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Insight Newspaper, Mr. Kwesi Pratt has strikingly reported a continuous appeal to the Supreme Court by the pioneer and individual holding the NDC banner in the new public races. A writer recognized as a talking journalist responded irately to the lead of certain individuals from the Defendant’s lawful group and the Advocate.

In what he portrayed as a failure, he engaged the Supreme Court to caution party spokespersons against having meetings with the media after the conference. As per Kwesi Pratt, his uncommon comments uncovered that what was being held at a question and answer session was to confound the overall population. He asked the Supreme Court to enlist their complaints with the court as it could disturb the Court’s procedures.

Talking in a meeting on February 6, 2021, on the Sena and Alhaji program facilitated by Sena Combo, he communicated his dismay with the activity while reproving the Court for disregarding the ‘ awful’ advancement.

He said; ” I have regularly been baffled by the remarks made by the court after the legal counselors. I’m exceptionally disillusioned and you need to stop them all. Also, I can’t help thinking that the motivation behind this remark is to confound the overall population and make pointless promulgation. these are the legal advisors. ”


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