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HOT VIDEO: NPP boys seize party chairman’s car, Removes car tyre for not giving them jobs

Some angry members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tamale Central constituency of the Northern Region have seized a vehicle belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) chairman of the area, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim.

The youth accuse  Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim of not  honouring a promise he made to them when the party was campaigning ahead of the 2016 general elections. The youth group including polling station executives after taking custody of the vehicle deflated the tyres as well. They said  they would only release the car if the party secures them jobs.


According to them, the chairman and the constituency executives promised them jobs if the party won power in 2016. One of the angry youth who spoke off record said several years into Akufo Addo government,   the said promise has not been fulfilled. He claimed party executives abandoned them when the party won power and have only returned because it’s an election year.

According to him, the party has taken them for granted and only remembers them when it is an election year hence their actions. He said the youth of Tamale are tired of being used by people for their parochial benefit.

The constituency chairman, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim when contacted confirmed the news. According to him, the constituency has programmes to engage the various youth groups in the constituency because of agitations among them over some allegations. He said accusations  have been leveled against the executives that they have  hijacked contracts meant for the youth but said the claims were untrue.

He said the NPP youth in ‘Zogbleli’ disrupted the meeting and went ahead and to deflate his vehicle tyres.

The party chairman said he did not react because the boys were angry but added that they went too far by beating the constituency deputy Nasara Coordinator. The chairman further said he was not ready to report the matter to the police since it’s a party affair and that the leadership of the party will resolve the issue amicably.



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