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HOT VIDEO: Angry Pope Skinny Replies Self Acclaimed Ghanaian Gày President After He Releasesd A Photo Of Him To Suggest He’s Gày

Angry Ghanaian rapper Pope Skinny has finally responded after the self acclaimed Ghanaian Gay President released a photo of him suggesting that he’s gay.


The self acclaimed Ghanaian Gay President in a video shared a photo of Pope Skinny claiming that Pope Skinny is gay and he took the photo at his gay partner’s house.

He further indicated that should Pope Skinny dare him he will bring out more photos and videos of him proving he is actually gay.

Furious Pope Skinny also took to his Facebook page to debunk all these allegations and explain where the photo, the self acclaimed Ghanaian Gay President shared, came from.

Pope Skinny further reiterated that he’s not gay and he loves 3tw3 so much.

According to him, he’s so good at chopping 3tw3 that it talks back to him.

Pope Skinny disclosed that the picture shared by the self acclaimed Ghanaian Gay President was taken in Shatta Wale’s House a long time ago.

According to him, he was chilling with Shatta Wale in his house and the two of them decided to take a crazy photo together.

He added that he took the photo with Shatta Wale and another person but it seems they crop those side.

He further indicated that anyone he calls him gay will knock down by the car.


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