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Hot Audio: Oman channel hired me to disgrace Vivian Jill – Ama Mary

We earlier reported lady who disclosed that Kumawood actress Vivian Jill bought semen for 5000 euros from Germany to get herself pregnant has finally confessed.

According to the lady identified as Ama Mary, she doesn’t have any relationship with Vivian Jill and everything she said about the actress is not.

She explained that her statement was only to defend the actress against the accusations made against her by Evangelist Addai.

The lady further stated that she received 500 euros from ‘Oman channel’ after she fabricated such lies about Vivian Jill.

Ama Mary who sounded remorseful confessed that everything she said about the actress is not true and apologized after Vivian Jill threatened to curse her.

In turn, Vivian Jill confronted Ama Mary via phone conversation where Ama Mary admitted that she lied on the actress and that she was paid to do that.

The actress warned Ama Mary to retract her statement and if she fails to do that, death will befall her family.

Listen to the audio below;

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