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HOT AUDIO: Appiah Stadium uncovered; got on tape asking Seidu Agongo for money

Prevalent National Democratic Congress (NDC) sequential guest, Frank Kwaku Appiah is prominently known as Appiah Stadium has been seriously uncovered after a spilt tape uncovered his underhanded plan against businessperson Alhaji Seidu Agongo.

Appiah Stadium days back, began a campaign for the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) organization to ensure the NDC representative Seidu Agongo is imprisoned blaming him for being degenerate.

It is, notwithstanding, developing that the NDC activists who is noted for asking party fat cats for cash constantly, turned his firearms at Alhaji Agongo after the last neglected to support his (Appiah Stadium) child’s birthday.

In the tape possessing, a calm Appiah Stadium is heard arguing that on the off chance that he doesn’t go to his guide, he would be humiliated on the grounds that visitors for the birthday arrived and there was nothing to serve them twenty minutes to the beginning of the occasion.

It additionally risen that the festival agreed with the 2-day voyage through previous President John Dramani Mahama toward the Western Region as of late in which he is heard regretting how he is unfit to contact him on telephone so as to guide an elective source to deal with him.

“Alhaji Agongo the program is tied in with beginning in 20 minutes in the event that you don’t help me I be disfavored at the birthday of my girl. I am attempting to achieve elderly person in the Western Region however his lines are not experiencing… mercifully help and I will illuminate President Mahama about your help”, he said.

At the point when his requests were not paid attention to, he took steps to dispatch a campaign against Alhaji Seidu Agongo asking why he would reject to help the birthday festivity of his child he named after John Mahama.


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