Horrifying Moment 3 men dragging a huge snake, this is what the reptile did [Watch ]

Three brave South African men have gone viral after a video show them dragging a huge snake hit social media.

The 30-second clip was shared on micro-blogging platform Twitter by @BlackLwendo recently and netizens were surprised.

Many tweeps shared jokes while others were concerned about the men handling the large snake in the way they did.

The short video has already gained over 14,000 views on the social media site.

Although the snake was massive and powerful, it did not attempt to attack anyone who was handling it.

It chose to slither back into the bush it came from without harming those around it.

A snake expert commented on the video said that while most snakes to not attack human being unless they are provoked ,…

some snakes such as the python even if provoked will sometimes choose to go away especially if it has just swallowed a huge animal or when its pregnant.

Watch the video below


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