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He made me drunk and chopped by anʋs – 60-year-old cries as Teacher sodomizes him (VIDEO)

A male teacher has sodomized a 60-year-old man at Twifo Anyinase in the Western Region of Ghana.


The victim, Opanyin Kofi says the teacher made him drunk and sodomized him when he was asleep in the night.

According to the victim, the morning before the incident the football team in the town won a match so the whole town was in a jubilant mood.

The teacher, Alexander Kwesi Acquah saw him seated alone quietly and offered to buy him drink because he needed to join the town in the celebration mood.

He took him to a drinking spot where they had lots of drink whiles chatting.

That was when the teacher, Alexander Kwesi Acquah told the 60-year-old man that his sisters have visited him and his room isn’t big enough so he would like to spend the night in his room.

The man agreed and took the teacher home to sleep in his room.

In the middle of the night, he woke up suddenly to feel something going in and out of his back only to realize he was being sodomized.

He reacted with shock, the Teacher tried to calm but he stormed out angrily and locked the door.

The man screamed for people to come and join him arrest the Teacher but when they opened the door, the found out the Teacher had escaped through the window.

Angel Fm’s reporter confirmed that a report has been filed at the District Education office but the teacher no where to be found.

To their surprise, family of the teacher are seeking a transfer to another town for him in his absence.


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