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Has Twene Jonas Been Arrested by the USA Police? [WATCH]

Twene Jonas has for some time now become popular in Ghana’s social media space. The young man is mostly seen in live videos speaking about issues in the country as they are.

One characteristic that is very common in Twene Jonas is the fact that he uses insults to attract attention on social media.

In most of his videos, he could be seen comparing facilities in the United States of America and Ghana. One of his tag lines is ‘glass nkoaa’ meaning most parts of the US have been designed with only glasses.

He believes Ghana can also transform in the same manner. He has also raised issues about the illegal mining menace in the country and accused traditional authorities in particular of refusing to protect the environment left in their care.

Some of the words spewed by Twene Jonas have been condemned by many with some chiefs in the Ashanti Region reportedly cursing him for allegedly insulting their overlord.

Just recently, a chief who goes by the name Nana Attorah, declared Twene Jonas wanted in New York. He is unhappy about the attacks released by Twene Jonas on Otumfuo.

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