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Hammer names top Ghanaian musicians who make their money through SAKAWA but pretend it’s music money

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hammer Productions and Host of Hammer Time on Kumasi-based Pure FM Hammer Kofi Nti has stated categorically that most of the Rappers in Ghana engage in scamming and fraud to gain their wealth they flaunt around at the least opportunity.

According to Hammer Kofi Nti, these so-called Ghanaian rappers with their ill-gotten wealth make a show of properties acquired in order to attract Ghanaians as though they are into a legitimate business.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Angel Fm Entertainment Show hosted by Ike De Unpredictable monitored by, he said “though some rappers in Ghana make genuine money through their music, the music alone cannot make them gain all their wealth they display”.

He revealed that “Some of the Rappers engage in scamming and fraud but as for them they do it themselves while others have teams who do it and transfer the money into their accounts for them to get their share”.

“Ike, some of them are rappers just to make Ghanaians confused about their wealth but they are doing real business aside from the music. If today your Producer Nana Wiser is driving Range Rover won’t it be strange if you compare his salary to the car he is driving?” Hammer Nti explained.

Hammer Nti added that “a barber at Bantama who is a scammer cannot receive some amount of his/her bank account that person will use the rapper’s bank details to receive the money then later they share among themselves”.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Pundit Amanzeba Fifi Smith commenting on Hammer Kofi Nti statement said “Some of the rappers are real scammers and fraudsters, not musicians”.

“Ike have you asked yourself why some rappers have more boys following them? They use them for business and that business gives them money than the music”.

“A rapper with just one hit song will tell Ghanaians he is making money from his music like YouTube and other channels. Yes, they can get money from YouTube but comparing their wealth including the cars they display you will get confused. They have their real business they do with their boys aside from the music which is scamming people to make money” Amanzeba explained.


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