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Guinness World Records: Meet The Ghanaian chief who has over 47 wives and 240 children

From a village called Tenzuku near Talensi in the Upper East Region is a man with a family said to be the largest in the country.

In a documentary by ABN’s Kofi Adomah Nwanwani, the chief of Tenzuku together with his family making up an entire village is set to go into the books of history as the man with many wives and children.

Some of his children are married and have also established their own families to expand the family tree.

During Kofi Adomah’s interaction with the family, one of the eldest sons of the chief who spoke on his behalf indicated that their father and chief, owing to his family size always becomes the go-to person for politicians and persons seeking political office in the area.

The wives say they’ve been living together peacefully

With a democratic practice, the wives of the chief have mapped out a schedule that determines who gets to spend time with the husband and at what time.

“Each wife is entitled to three days, and we follow that roaster religiously because we sat down and planned it together…,” the senior wife told Kofi Adomah.

Some of the children are now grown-ups

The family says they coexist peacefully with each other by looking out for one another.

The religious practice of the family is the worship of a god called Nana Tongor which provides them protection as well as their needs.



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