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‘Govt poodle’ NUGS President refuses to meet with #FixTheCountry organizers

Convener of the Fix the Country, Oliver-Barker Vormawor has revealed the President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has said he won’t organize student leadership to meet the group.

According to Mr. Vormawor, he has been reliably informed the NUGS President is a ‘poodle’ of the government and ruling party hence his refusal to meet the group.

What started as a social media campaign under #FixTheCountry is turning into a full-fledged movement propelled by predominantly young Ghanaians calling for better living conditions.

Social media users in Ghana trended the hashtag #FixTheCountry for weeks to pressure the government to improve citizens’ lives.

The social media initiative is starting to leave cyberspace and taking first steps in the analog world. Among the new movement’s demands are more jobs, no corruption, fewer taxes, and better education.

But in reaching out to a key constituency, the NUGS President allegedly refused.

“I just received word that the NUGS President has said that he won’t organize the student leadership to meet with #FixTheCountry!” The Convener of FixTheCountry wrote.

“They say he is apparently affiliated to the ruling party! There is nothing about FixTheCountry that is against the current regime. It is about the failure of our political institutions. I do hope he changes his mind.” He added.

He wondered why the NUGS President Yiadom Boakye could let his personal political affiliation interfere with his duties.

“But even if he was politically affiliated to the ruling party, how does that interfere with his mandate and responsibility to his student constituents? Hmmm! Is this what student leadership has become? That you serve a political party over your own student constituents?” He wrote further.

According to sources, the NUGS President is a boy of the government and was elected with the machination of deposed ASP Azugu during the student delegates congress that elected him.




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