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Government to stop EC from compiling New Register



The Electoral Commission who has already set June 30 as the day to start the compilation process is likely to be halted by the government due to many protests against the EC’s actions.

According to Africania Missionary, which comprises of various religious groups in the country, EC’s resolve to compile a new Register will endanger the lives of many Ghanaians while on the other hand, millions of Ghanaians will be disenfranchised because only a few have the passports and NIA cards. Meanwhile, the duration from when the Register will be compiled to elections is comparatively short.


They are however pleading on the government to halt the EC from compiling a new Register. They are very hopeful the government will listen to the voice of Ghanaians and consider their lives first before an election.

They further claimed that it is their prayers and rituals that are making Ghana safe from COVID 19, unlike other countries where they record higher deaths but Ghana has relatively low deaths.

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