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Google launches a new website to detect and stop Scam

Scammers are working tirelessly to rip many people during this period of locked down where many are now working online.

According to Google, many are taking advantage of the COVID-19 to rip people. This is done through spamming people’s emails, living a disguised link to persuade people to click on the link. This link actually contains malicious files which when open will deposit viruses on your machine. And also, this link will help the scammers to access the victim’s vital information.

Google has collaborated with a cyber support network to launch a website that will be able to detect and stop scammers from ripping people.

According to the Federal state Commission, scammers mad about $1.9 billion in total in 2019 alone. The amount stolen by scammers alone is alarming. This means that, roughly, $3,600 was lost to scammers every minute.

According to the scam records, most scammers disguise themselves as someone who you would trust to give money for an important project.

To avoid being scammed, the new website will help fish out all suspected mails and possibly block them. Extensions will be provided to be integrated into browsers which will keep watch of all those who are sending you emails.

The website, scamspotter, highlighted on types of scams. One of them is a romance scam which has caused about $200 million in 2019. They also talked about text related scams, lottery winners scam, and COVID-19 scams. For each of these scams, the websites provide tips on how to detect and avoid them.

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