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Ghanaians fish out alleged friend of McBrown who was impregnated by her husband as alleged by Mona Gucci

Some Ghanaians on social media has fished out the lady who got impregnated by McBrown’s husband as alleged by Mona Gucci.

Yesterday, Mona Gucci in an interview with Ghpage revealed McBrown is having problems with her marriage and that her husband has impregnated her friend who happens to be a caterer.

As expected, some Ghanaians on social media led by Gossip blogger ThoseCalledCelebs on have fished out the lady in Mona Gucci’s allegation.

According to ThoseCalledCelebs McBrown congratulated her friend who just gave birth, Chichi via Instagram after Mona Gucci’s interview.

The blogger added that the fact that Mcbrown waited for Mona Gucci’s interview before posting her caterer friend shows that there is something fishy between them.

Checks shows that they don’t follow each other Instagram and also Chichi is yet to react to the congratulatory post.

This allegation is weird because Chichi is married so why would the husband accept the pregnancy of another man.

Another weird thing about this allegation is, McBrown should be the angry party here if indeed her friend betrayed her to chop her husband.


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