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Ghanaians Did Not Vote For You To Become Selfish – Bishop Bits Akufo-Addo

Bishop Samuel N. Mensah, General Overseer of the Full Gospel Church, has stated that it is past time for our national, religious, and opinion leaders to confront issues without partisan bias.

The man of God stated that it was past time for us to speak truth to power while keeping the nation’s best interests in mind.

He stated that the nation’s development must be prioritized.

In response to the pandemonium that occurred in parliament last week, he declared that the members of parliament had failed to be honorable as expected.

The behavior, according to Bishop Mensah, is terrible, and it is not what Ghanaians voted for.

Ghanaians, he said, voted for leaders who would be patriotic and loyal to the country, rather than leaders who would become political in their approach.

In his opinion, we have a generation of politicians who are entrenched in their beliefs and have grown very politicized in their approach to issues.

He emphasized that we voted for men who will consider Ghanaians’ overall well-being.

In response to the E-Levy debates, he stated that God has given Ghana with gold, manganese, cocoa, and other mineral resources, but that we have been unable to mobilize and utilize them for the country’s growth.

As a result, he questions why we believe the E-Levy will assist alter people’s lives and help the country prosper as the government claims.

According to him, the argument should focus on the most effective use of our resources rather than revenue mobilization.


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