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Ghanaians cry as heartbreaking photos of veteran actor Emmanuel Armah seriously ill pop up

Shocking new photos in which Ghanaian veteran actor Emmanuel Armah looks completely unrecognizable has popped up.

These pictures come in after the actor was reported to be battling stroke in 2017.

Since that time, Armah has been captured in the news sparingly and seemed to have been even forgotten.

In January 2020,  Kalsoume Sinare who was in the company of others including colleague actress Vivienne Adjo Achor showed the unrecognizable state of Armah.

One of the photos from the visit shared by Kalsoume had her and Adjo Achor and one other person sitting on a bed with Armah in their middle.

In her second visit, Emmanuel Armah’s condition appears to have gotten worse from the last time we saw him.

Colleague actors Kalsoume Sinare and others paid him a recent visit at his residence.

A photo of the visit is what is causing the stir.

We only hope Armah is able to fully recover after all he has done for acting in Ghana.


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