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Ghanaian Student In Wuhan Gives Detailed Insight on Situation Of Ghanaian Students Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

The dreadful coronavirus, since it outbreak in January this year has claimed over 1,700 lives in China. Neighbouring countries and other European countries have had cases of the virus as well.

Countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Kenya, Libya and others have flown it citizens out from China to prevent them from contracting the deadly virus. Ghanaian students in China are worried about the slow response of the Akkufo Addo govetnment in flying them home.

A student has gone his way to investigate and give a detailed information on why the students must be flown home.

This morning I decided to do an extensive search on the free meal and out of the 16 Unis in Wuhan that have GH students only 2 of the Unis supply free meals. So 2 out of the 16 Unis where we have GH students have the free meal.

Apart from mask any other thing provided is for sale at exorbitant prices and our African brothers and sisters are complaining that even vegetables and drinking water they cannot buy because they are too expensive. This is just for the things they order for the students.
Today is exactly three weeks since they locked Wuhan people down

For example my drinking water got finished Monday night, I asked my Uni Tuesday morning but I was told drinking water will be available for sale on Wednesday and fortunately I had some to buy yesterday after several hours of dehydration which is very bad at this point of anxiety and some sort of emotional and psychological torture

My vegetables got finished few days ago, I asked my Uni and the made me order on Tuesday and am hoping the order comes today or tomorrow so that I can have the usual one meal a day I have been eating for the past two weeks. These are just examples and based on my checks on other students my situation is far better.

We realised some schools are turning Chinese dorms to quarantine centers …..

Wuhan Business University and the Communist Party University already converted to Corona Center (they say patients with mild symptoms infected with the virus).

As at now we don’t know whether to open windows or not so if people say they cannot breath that could be true.

The mode transmission of transmission is still not conclusive because the city is locked down for 21 days and the cases keep skyrocketing. It is scary because expert say incubation period is 14 days again 21 days of strict quarantine.

Most of the evidence they bring on local media are deleted few hour of publication

With my experience I have shared here on drinking water and vegetables someone can say he/she is dying of hunger and thirst and the person may be right. Is not everyone who can survive on a single meal a day for 21 days.

In the midst of all these the cases also keep skyrocketing without accurate information on the transmission as the issue is still been studied.

The astronomical increase in the number of cases in Wuhan despite 21 days lockdown makes the issue too scary.

Current state of the virus in China

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