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Ghanaian student develops object that can generate cheap electricity to stop Dumsor (Video)

A Ghanaian Doctor has urged the country to encourage the use of windmills as a way to solve the country’s power crisis.

Abanga Abdul-Kareem Ibrahim, student of Ghana Secondary School, Tamale put a windmill he developed by himself on display as explained why it’s the way forward when it comes to power generation.

A windmill is a structure that converts wind power into rotational energy

According to the student, when the country encourages many households and businesses to invest in windmills for electricity, there wouldn’t be pressure on the national grid.

As a member of the school’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Club, he explained how in a long term, the windmill is cheap and environmentally friendly because you only spend once on it (creating it) and the wind used for generating the energy is free.


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