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Ghanaian police officer boldly blasts a Chinese man who flouted the lockdown rule [Watch Video]

Some Ghanaian Police officers do not fear citizens or foreigners when discharging their duties.

They exhibit the highest level of professionalism and also boldly rebuke those that deserve it.

A video sighted by our team has a Ghanaian officer rebuking a Chinese national for going out at the wrong time.

The Chinese national said he was sorry and that even provoked the policeman.

The officer reminded him of the fact that the president has ordered citizens and all living in Ghana to stay indoors.

He also jabbed the Chinese national, saying the world is at risk because of their reckless attitude.

The officer, who looks like a big man, asked if the Chinese man would dare bring his ‘silliness’ to him, he’ll be dealt with.

The video trending might have been shot during the lockdown time that ended just after midnight.

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