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Ghana under Bawumia’s Presidency will be fantastic – Mike Ocquaye

Former Speaker of Parliament Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye is optimistic that the future of Ghana under Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as President will be very fantastic.

According to him, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is the light of Ghana, and his initiatives introduced as Vice President is reshaping Ghana; something which should be continued.

Asked to grade the young Economist he said “A+, solid. If you look at the time we went for the trial at the Supreme Court, You and I were no there. He brought in the appreciation of pink sheet. When NDC went to court, what the court told them was that where is your pink sheet. Bawumia made us understand the use of the pink sheet.

Bawumia is a Mathematician and a Statistician. Look at the ports in Ghana, he has destroyed all the bottlenecks now with the digitization drive in order to rake in revenue for the government of Ghana. So why are people fighting him? All the things he is doing are bringing light to the country. He is changing the system and people are fighting him because it takes away some monies they would have made if the system remained corrupt. “

“The future of Ghana under Bawumia will be fantastic if we are able to continue with this digitization and automation. Right now he has added the ICT so the good works being done by Ursula Owusu and what’s been done in the area of digitization Ghana will be a better place,” he added.

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