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“Ghana is going to create 10,000 millionaires within the next 10 years” – Gov’t projects

Governemnt has projected that Ghana will be on the sure path to realizing the creation of 10,000 millionaires within the next 10 years.

This projection is based on the policies the government has implemented so far which will begin to bear fruits and rake in dividends some years to come; the government is optimistic.

Deputy Minister-designate for Finance, John Ampontuah Kumah, says Ghana can create 10,000 millionaires through youth entrepreneurship in the next 10 years provided government continues to invest in entrepreneurship just as it did in its first term.


According to him, during his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP), the government provided funding to more than 9,000 businesses that can scale up to employ more people with further support.

He made this submission and positive projection when he appeared before Parliament’s Appointment’s Committee on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, to be vetted as a Deputy Minister for Finance.

“As the Chief Executive Officer of NEIP, I oversaw the training of 45,783 businesses on various business management practices under the Presidential Business Support Programme and also disbursed funds ranging from GHC 2,000 to GHC 100,000 for 9,350 businesses. These businesses are all doing well and if more capital is injected into their businesses they can scale up and become giants in their areas,” he said.


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