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George Floyd Murder: Protesters set Minneapolis station on fire

It’s past 10:30 at night in Minneapolis, but the protests show no sign of slowing — if anything, they appear to be ratcheting up in intensity, with protesters setting a police precinct on fire.

Police had set up a fence around the precinct earlier, but it has since been pushed over and thousands of protesters are crowding around the precinct, climbing up the building and lighting its exterior on fire.

“The precinct is on fire. We don’t know where the police are,” said CNN National Correspondent Sara Sidner. “The fire alarm is going on inside … People are cheering and more fireworks are going off as the police precinct is burning.”

There is no sound of a siren in the background, and no sign of firefighters arriving — a stark contrast to the protests last night when multiple fire trucks arrived to put out fires.

“The police have made a calculated decision that they’re not going enforce what we’re seeing behind us,” said CNN Correspondent Josh Campbell, who is also on the scene.

It may be because the police know their presence could further inflame tensions and make the situation escalate, Campbell added. “It’s a dangerous and volatile situation here. I think the police know that.”

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