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GAUA, UTAG oppose migration of university staff onto gov’t mechanised payroll

The national leadership of University Teachers Association of Ghana- UTAG and the Ghana Association of University Administrators-GAUA has called on government to withdraw its decision to migrate its members onto the Controller and Accountant General’s payroll.

UTAG and GAUA find this intention of government as “one of the several strategies being employed to micromanage universities from afar using emoluments as key modus to whip universities into line when they attempt to assert their independence”.

They have both described the move as needless highlighting a number of untold hardships they believe can befall their members with this new development.

In a release issued on October 28, 2020, the leadership of the two associations argues on the basis that “there is virtually no problem with the present payroll systems of public universities for which the migration seeks to resolve”; adding that some institutions like the “UPSA and GIJ who are already on the Electronic Salary Pay Voucher (ESPV), has revealed that some of their allowances have been taken off”.

They also expressed concerns on some deductions, including loan repayments and monthly dues to UTAG and GAUA, which will attract a service charge of up to 3%.

Additionally, the associations have raised concerns of a possible “convoluted bureaucratic process in the event of an individual having one problem or another bordering on one’s salary”.

Moreover, it is believed that “the setting up of the Personnel Processing Section (PPS) alone for the universities is not a guarantee for eliminating the numerous problems envisaged by members and will mean a complete change in the already established business processes of Human Resource”.

The associations have also expressed fears of this new development “crippling the developmental activities invested by members in terms of financial and human resources and will serve as a means for Government to take over the IGFs of public universities”.

In this regard, they have proposed what they believe to be a more friendly and reliable alternative of CAGD introducing a “certification program for universities that must necessarily be renewed annually subject to the norms of CAGD”.

By this arrangement, universities would not be migrated to any centralised system as is being practiced already by the Security Services and CAGD would not necessarily have to be burdened by managing payroll of public universities. This they believe “will not only save cost and time, but also improve efficiency in service delivery at CAGD”.

UTAG and GAUA have called on government to rescind its decision of migrating payrolls of public universities onto the Government of Ghana mechanised payroll and also requested fast-track processes to remove UPSA and GIJ from the IPPD2 platform.

They have also called for the return payment of their members in the School of Public Health, University of Ghana, to what other members of the University of Ghana are currently having.

They added that failure on the part of government to comply with their request will give them no other option than to “advise themselves”.


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