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Galamsey will be free for everyone if I win 2020 – Osofo Kyiri Abosom

“Galamsey will be free for everyone if I win 2020”, this is the promise of Founder and leader of Ghana Union Movement (GUM), Rev Christian Kwabena Andrew.

“When I’m voted into power, galamsey will be free for everyone to put money into everybody’s pocket. For the gold, we will continue mining so far as the ground permits” he declared.

Speaking at the launch of his party’s constitution and 2020 manifesto, Osofo Kyiri Abosom, as he is popularly known, said legalizing galamsey would benefit both licensed and unlicensed operators to ensure everyone interested in mining has the liberty to do so.

He added that long-serving prisoners, under his presidency, will be released with the exemption of those locked up for murder charges.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom said his government will extend a monthly stipend to every citizen above 60 years, irrespective of their profession prior to retirement.

On how he intends to fund his ideas, the pastor-cum-politician said the money would be generated from taxes imposed on countries that demand huge fees for visas.

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