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Ga Central MCE ‘chased away’ during protest over bad roads at Agape (VIDEO)

Protesting residents of Agape in the Ga Central municipality in Accra chased away their Municipal Chief Executive, Mohammed Basiru, from their demonstration over bad roads on Friday morning.


The protestors were not happy with the MCE’s response to their protest.

While presenting a petition to the MCE, the protestors indicated their willingness to engage with the local government.

“As our MCE, we would like to count on you on fixing the road for us. We are available for negotiations. We will sit, and we want to see the road map for Agape. Agape has been underdeveloped for far too long,” a spokesperson said when he presented a petition to Mr. Basiru.

In response, Mr. Basiru, criticised the protestors for not engaging his office before the protest.

“They should have gone to my office first to meet with me for a discussion before embarking on this action. Maybe they have started on the wrong foot. If they had come, I don’t think this demonstration would have gone ahead.”

He, however, stressed that the assembly was “committed to ensuring that the roads are motorable.”

After his comments, the protestors became more agitated and hooted at the MCE until he left the area.





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