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Franklin Cudjoe Gets Back His Phone

The seized mobile phone of the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has been handed over to him.

The phone which was seized from the social-political commentator after it mistakenly rang in open court was returned to him after court proceedings.

Mr. Franlin Cudjoe himself in a Facebook post has confirmed the incident happened but says he got his phone back after the Presiding Judge directed that the phone should be given to him after court proceedings.

“I was in court. SC essentially said Amewu can’t be held responsible for the sins of the EC. That the matter of SALL should continue at the Ho court. Yes, my phone’s alarm inadvertently rang in Court. A court orderly came for it. The Presiding Judge halted proceedings and ordered the orderly to hand over the phone to me after the proceedings. I have my phone. The latter has become news to. Ei!

My News Ghana earlier reported that the Supreme Court of Ghana had confiscated the mobile phone of Mr. Franklin Cudjoe.

This was after the phone rang in open court during court proceedings on Tuesday afternoon.

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