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For 17 years Samira has been my one and only wife – Bawumia shoots down Ramatu ‘propaganda’

The Vice President of Ghana Dr. Mahanudu Bawumia has denied knowledge of any woman called Ramatu.

There has been a conversation on social media regarding the marriage life of the Vice President of Ghana Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Grapevine information indicated that the Vice President had a first wife before he got married to Samira but could not make it public.

The conversation surrounding his marriage heightened when the Speaker of Parliament mistakenly mentioned Ramatu during the inauguration of the President and at the delivery of the state of the nation address.

But a statement from his office has denied that the Vice President has another wife called Ramatu and has been married to Samira Bawumia for seventeen years.

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