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#FixTheCountry Demo: Be prepared to face any consequences – NPP Comm. tells Conveners

A Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication Team, Solomon Owusu says leaders of the #FixTheCountry movement must be prepared to face the consequences of their intended demonstration.

Speaking on Ghana Kasa on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Mr. Owusu stated that it’s prudent the Conveners of the demonstration come to a middle-ground with the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to handle any unforeseen challenges during the exercise when they have the green light.

“When you are embarking on a demonstration, as leaders you cannot know the mindset of some of the demonstrators you are expecting to participate. Someone may come with a gun hidden on him. And as organizers you can be overwhelmed with the numbers, maybe a million may come out, and do you have the power or the capacity to control all this number of people?,” he quizzed.

He continued “And are you prepared as leaders to own up and take responsibility for any excesses that might occur during the demonstration? That is why the issue of the police’s involvement in exercising this right is crucial. Because when the police are involved in controlling the crowd its helps you the organizers.”

The Ghana Police Service has warned the public not to participate in any call for demonstration by convenors of the #FixTheCountry movement.

The call by the Police comes after a five-member panel of the Supreme Court said there is “no subsisting order” preventing #fixtheCountry protesters to apply for demonstration.

According to the Police, “the substantive case between the police and the conveners on the right to demonstrate is still pending at the High Court (Criminal Division 1) Accra, and slated for hearing on Monday, June 14, 2021.”

Meanwhile, the NPP Communicator said it’s problematic that the organizers of the demonstration are unable to tell the nation the number of persons they are expecting for the demonstration.

“This is because the origin of this movement started on social media which has participants scattered across the country. You may have people coming from Bolga among other big cities in the country,” he noted.

Source: Ghana/ Dzidzoamenu

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