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#Fixthecountry: But for untruthfulness, Ghana would be the easiest place to make money – Whiteman confesses

A white man born and bred in Ghana who goes by the name John Sikaliotis has said that untruthfulness is the reason why Ghana is as poor as it is now.

According to him, there are resources and it’s easy to be rich in Ghana than anywhere else in the world.

He believes that if Ghanaians are truthful, there will not be the need for people traveling out of the country to seek greener pastures like is currently happening.

He made this known in a video which is fast trending on social media.

“My compatriots, Ghanaians if we are truthful we would not have to go abroad. There’s a lot of money in Ghana but we need to be truthful, we need to be truthful people and that’s all there is to seeing the money in Ghana,” he said.

Source: 2021


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