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[BRUTALITY ]>Female Military Officer beats the hell out of a young man for commenting on her beauty[WATCH VIDE]

A young man is receiving treatment at the hospital after giving a compliment to a female military officer.

The incident which is said to have happened in Nigeria has it that, the young man saw this female military officer along the streets and approached her to give her some compliments, but that landed him into hell.

The female military officer who couldn’t come to terms with the compliment was angered and before one could say jack, a slap landed on the face of this innocent young man.

In a video making rounds on social media sighted by which captured the incident, it could be clearly seen that the young man was mercilessly receiving beatings from the female military officer and other officers.

This video has received several reactions and the majority are calling for the heads of the Military officers especially the females as the way and manner they molested the guy is just inhuman.

Watch the video:

Sincerely speaking the young man would frequently visit the hospital as per the beatings received, the said young man will never try to talk to any female officer ever again in his!

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