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Father of drowned Apam teenager narrates failed attempt to take son to US

Seth Narh, a father of one of the kids who drowned at Apam Beach has narrated with profound sorrow how he planned to migrate his twin sons but had to return to Virginia, USA with only one.

According to him, he arrived in Ghana a few weeks ago intending to travel back to the States with the now deceased, Benjamin Narh and his twin brother.

“I have visited Ghana on countless occasions but this is the first time I am coming for my boys to live with them abroad but the unthinkable happened,” Seth Narh disclosed to journalists at the mass burial ceremony on Tuesday, March 16. “I am done with all the documents and have even purchased a ticket for them so we should have been there by now as the date for our departure was on the 12th of March Sunday but it was rather unfortunate that I have lost one. I have postponed the date for our trip due to what has happened, so I will be going with Benjamin’s twin brother, I have no choice.”

The deceased was part of some 20 teenagers believed to be between the ages of 13 and 17 who drowned after swimming in the sea at Apam, in the Central Region, on Sunday, March 7.

There was sorrow expressed by all and sundry at the burial rites and funeral ceremony of the teenagers.

One cow, three sheep, 12 fowls, 33 tubers of yam and three cartons of Schnapps were offered to the gods by a traditional priest to pacify the gods.

Two teenagers who survived the disaster are reported to be traumatized.


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