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Failure to stabilize the cedi is the gross definition of incompetency – Japhet Festus Gbede to Bawumia

Ward Coordinator for NDC in the Akatsi south Constituency of the Volta Region and the National Communications Director of Young Democrats of NDC, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede has described Dr. Bawumia’s comments made at the just ended ceremony to acclaim Nana as NPP’s flagbearer as unnecessary.

“Bawumia is a bloody Liar and a Nugatory Vice president of our time”, he added.
In his submission, Mr. Japhet has requested Dr. Bawumia to focus on stabilizing the cedi to enable the Good People of Ghana acknowledge the importance of his touted economics rather than attacking the personality of the NDC’S flagbearer, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.
“Bawumia should focus on stabilizing the cedi and stop the unnecessary personal attacks”, he emphasized.
In a two-paged statement, the outspoken Communicator challenged Dr. Bawumia to first of all disclose which police station is keeping custody of the dollar he claim to have arrested and also tell us where he placed the keys to the doors where he locked the dollar.
He demanded an immediate response from Dr. Bawumia where he built the toilets and how he solved the persistent water crisis he promised to resolve across the country within three months if elected.
Mr Japhet in conclusion asked Dr. Bawumia to account for the GPS contract else he shall found himself to be blamed on the day of accountability when NDC comes to power.

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