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Experts reveal African coronavirus trial details

The Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has outlined some of the trials going on for Covid-19 treatment and vaccination in Africa.

Fifty-two countries have currently reported having positive cases of the virus, with more than 37,000 patients being treated.

In a joint briefing online with doctors at Shanghai hospital, the Africa CDC said that in comparison to the rest of the world there were very few treatment happening in the continent.

Dr Taji Rajudeen outlined the trials so far:

In Egypt, there are about 13 trials going on looking specifically at therapeutics. Scientists there are also conducting around two trials on vaccines. They are also looking at the place of nutritional support, especially with honey and some immunotherapy trials are going on in Egypt.

In Zambia, they have one ongoing trial with hydroxychloroquine.

South Africa is part of the World Health Organisation solidarity trial, and they are looking at Chloroquine, Interferon, Remdesivir.

In Nigeria, they have one trial in progress – still on therapeutical agents.

Tunisa has two trials going on.

The Africa CDC tries to mobilise the different research consortiums on the continent to see how to change this narrative so that Africa becomes more engaged in that regard.


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