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EXCLUSIVE: CCTV Footage Shows Vivid Robbery Operation At Forex Bureau Opposite Police HQ

The Ghana Report has obtained an exclusive seven-minute video depicting the broad daylight robbery of a forex bureau under the nose of the Ghana Police Headquarters.

The valiant gang were not perturbed by the proximity of the security zone as they executed the criminal operation swiftly.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) showed three men alight from a vehicle on the main Ring Road-Danquah road in the afternoon at about 3 pm on June 9.

The three wore jackets over jeans trousers and strolled casually across the street but concealed their faces in helmets.

They proceeded to the Kafson’s Bureau De Change near Honeysuckle with a bag that appeared to contain currency to be exchanged at the bureau at first sight.

But the handbag rather contained a pump-action gun used for the assault.

Their accomplices later arrived on three motorcycles and parked in front of the forex bureau like an ‘okada’ waiting to pick a passenger.

The operation appeared well-rehearsed and synchronized as the environment looked calm without any suspicion.

But the robbers had held the bureau operators at gunpoint and demanded all the cash available.

The trigger-happy assailants shot two staff without hesitation but managed to get GHC 600.

The gun-totting gang fired sporadic warning shots after they exited to ward off interference from passersby.

It was at this point that people who were around realised that there was a robbery operation.

Some customers at the car park ran in different directions to save their lives, yet the sound of the gunshots did not alert the police just across the street.

Others tried to chase the motorcycles after taking off as the security guard on duty stood motionless in awe at the movie-like scene that unfolded before his eyes.


Scores of people gathered at the scene while the wounded staff who was bleeding profusely was carried into an SUV van and conveyed to the hospital.



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