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Exciting Moment A Mother Cried Like Baby After Seeing Son Who Was Jailed For 13 Years [WATCH VIDEO]

A mother has been spotted sharing tears of joy when her son surprised her at a family prayer in North Carolina after being jailed for 13 solid years. The mother of the young man was brought to uncontrollable tears when her son surprised her with his presence.

Reports have it that the young man had been in prison for over a decade but was released on a date that was not made public and known to his mother. The mother of the boy was spotted at a family gathering praying and thanking God.


The mother was completely unaware that she was actually holding the hand of her own son so she remained focused on praying to the almighty God. Right after the prayer, her stand stands next to her, and guess what, he gave her the biggest surprise of her life. After receiving the shock and surprise altogether, she broke down in tears and hugged her beloved son who was taken away from her for 13 years.

Watch the video below;


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