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Even JHS boy could have detected; Kan Dapaah must go – Bonaa

Security expert Adam Bonaa has urged National Security Minister Kan Dapaah to resign from office following the leaked video with his girlfriend.

According to him, the minister should have known better and exercised better judgment.

“It’s very very disturbing. It could happen to anyone. But I believe that at certain positions we ought to be circumspect. The national security minister should have known better.”

“As far as I’m concerned it is despicable. If he wasn’t a national security minister, it won’t have been much but because he is National security minister this is unacceptable. If I were him, it would have been prudent to resign by now. It’s taking too long, we haven’t heard anything,” Mr. Bonaa told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Monday.

He added: “These are things even a Junior High School student would have detected and won’t allow happening so it’s very disturbing. The international community is watching”.

In the leaked video, the Minister threw caution to the wind and expressed how badly he missed his lover.

The side chic, who is believed to have recorded the video, does not show her face but kept instructing the minister to show his face and s what he was wearing.

In a statement, another security analyst Adib Saani said: “The implications are dire; in the past, a lot of Ghanaians perceive the National Security architecture as a mysterious institution with well-trained agents you could not beat. With this act, even the criminals wouldn’t take us seriously. I am particularly worried that this carelessness could transcend into other actions that could compromise the security of the state. Kan Dapaah has brought disrepute and shame to the institution. His continuous stay will mean a perpetuation of gross incompetence and ineptitude”.

He continued: “Finally, I wish to state that, it is imperative to have a National Security Minister who understands security and possesses certain core competencies and skills in Homeland Security Management, in the wake of the disturbing security situation in the sub-region. SURELY, KAN DAPAAH MUST RESIGN”.

The minister is yet to comment on the incident.

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