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Ernesto Yeboah released from police custody

Leader of the Economic Fighters’ League, Ernesto Yeboah has been freed after spending a night in Police custody for leading a vigil against the United States.

Ernesto was arrested on Saturday night after he held a vigil at the Black Stars Square in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter protest ongoing around the globe which seeks to demand equality for Blacks around the world in justice delivery.

In a short video posted on the Facebook wall of a member of the Fighters’ League, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu was seen coming out of the Police station with Ernesto Yeboah Sunday morning.

Speaking after his release, Ernesto Yeboah said, “As you can see, the handcuffs are off, but as I keep telling you do not be afraid of the handcuffs. It is with the handcuffs that we will seek our freedom, it is with the handcuffs that Africa shall unite. It is with the handcuff that we shall access economic freedom in our lifetime.”

Watch the video below:



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