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Ensure eligible voters are not disenfranchised in upcoming registration – CHRAJ boss to EC

Head of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has asked the Electoral Commission to ensure no eligible voter is disenfranchised in the upcoming general elections.

The Commissioner, Joseph Whittal said the EC must ensure adequate measures are put in place to capture data of all qualified voters following the Supreme Court ruling which paved way for the compilation of a new register of voters.

Mr Whittal also charged the commission to have a backup plan to replace all faulty Biometric Verification Devices during the upcoming registration.


 Ensure eligible voters are not disenfranchised in upcoming registration – CHRAJ boss to EC

“…the whole essence is not to disenfranchise eligible voters…starting with the registration and later on at polling stations in the main elections,” he said.

Speaking at an event by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs under the theme ‘Independent Governance institutions and the 2020 elections in Ghana: some reflections,’ Whittal also charged the EC to build consensus with all relevant stakeholders for a successful election.

The CHRAJ Boss also charged the EC to put in place adequate measure in place for the less privilege including pregnant women, physically challenged in society.

He added that CHRAJ will monitor and take stance on abuses from other state institutions, individuals, chiefs and public servants in the lead up to the December 7 elections.

The Commissioner said many cases of abuse have been recorded in past elections in the country which ends up affecting the sanctity of the process.

He said the abuses, including vigilantism, cannot be allowed to continue and called on security operatives to clamp down on the same with the passing of the Vigilantism and Other Offenses Act.


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