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Economic Fighters League leader Ernesto Yeboah granted bail

Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, was arrested by police during a vigil to protest the oppression of African Americans and people of colour.

The vigil themed #Accrablackout was ongoing at the Independence Square with scores of participants in black attire in honour of George Floyd, when he was arrested.

He is reported to have been arrested around 7:30pm on Saturday a few minutes after the commencement of the vigil.

Further reports indicate the Police Service were not informed about the vigil, hence the arrest of the lead organiser.

A video sighted on Twitter captured irate group trooping to the Police Headquarters to demand Mr Yeboah’s release.

The arrest has since attracted mix reactions on Twitter with some calling for his release while others have questioned why a protest will be carried out with police notification in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the video:





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