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EC to punish officials for violating COVID-19 protocols

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) hard given the strongest indication yet that any officer who refuses to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols will be dealt with by law.

The EC prior to the start of compiling the new voters register assured Ghanaians that their safety is their concern and therefore it will put in place measures to ensure that officials and the registrants will be safe.

However, there have been complaints that aside the overcrowding at various Registration Centers, their officials fail to clean fingerprint scanners after they have been used by people at the registration centres.

In a statement addressing the issue, the EC said it has taken the issue up and has started its investigation to bring persons who refused to regard the COVID-19 protocols to book.

The EC has also admonished its Monitoring team to table it on their agenda and re-echo the need for the staff of the Commission to adhere strictly to the safety protocols put in place.

The Commission assured the public that their safety is paramount and foremost in the registration process and will therefore go to every length to ensure that they are safe.


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