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EC is a threat to 2020 election – Kwesi Pratt

Veteran Journalist and Managing Editor of the Daily Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jr, has said that the Electoral Commission (EC) is a threat to 2020 elections

According to him, the neutrality of the Electoral Commission (EC) is in doubt as far as the 2020 polls is concerned.

Speaking at a forum organized by the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for Good Governance in Accra, Mr. Pratt said the credibility of the EC is tainted by disparaging comments made by certain officials against the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“We have an Electoral Commission whose members are publicly and openly showing their hatred for political parties and contestants in the next election. You had a Deputy Commissioner actually make the point that the NDC cannot be trusted and that the NDC wants to subvert the current democratic order and to plunge this country into chaos”, Mr. Pratt said.

Earlier in the same presentation, Mr. Pratt asserted that the country will not accept the 2020 polls if it is conducted in a biased manner.

“Whatever we do, the 2020 elections is an important phase in our struggle. If that election is conducted freely and fairly, we must accept whoever is declared the winner but if that election is conducted in the ‘conie-conie’ way we are beginning to see, we’ll not accept the result.

Dr. Eric Asare Bossman, Deputy Chairman of the EC has said in April 2019, that: “if there is anyone who is becoming a threat or a potential threat to the democracy we are practicing in our country, then I will rather say that it is the posture of the NDC”.

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