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Early arrival old strategy, we have new ideas – NDC MP teases ‘4am NPP MPs’ with home breakfast

Member of Parliament(MP) for Kpando Dela Sowah on the National Democratic Congress(NDC) ticket is trolling New Patriotic Party(NPP) MPs for denying themselves sleep to storm parliament at 4am when they could have slept better.

The NPP MPs who arrived at the precinct of parliament at 4am have reportedly fallen asleep in the chamber. The 4am move was a preemptive measure against NDC MPs who pulled a fast one on the NPP MPs by arriving early on January 7th to sit on the Speaker’s right to form the “majority”

Dela Sowah however says the NDC has a new strategy which didn’t involve them arriving earlier this time around.

She shared a picture of herself having breakfast with her husband.

“Still at home preparing for the day. Superior tactics at play. It’s interesting when the opponent mispredicts your strategy. We are not fighting today ooo. We already won. We have a Speaker who is good for our democracy. No rush to be in Parliament this morning. Sit where you like. Seats don’t determine your outcome. You all have a great day” she wrote.

“There’s no point in fighting when the real battle was long gone. I’m home preparing for work. Parliament resumes at 10am not 4am. Do have a great day.” She added.

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