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E/R: Soldier shoots 50yr-old man at coronavirus checkpoint for using unapproved route

A military man on operation COVID-19 safety duties has shot at a 50-year-old motor rider for allegedly using the unapproved route at a barrier at Dobro in the Nsawam Adoagyir Municipality of the Eastern Region.

According to the police, a report from the security personnel at the said barrier indicated that the motor rider refused several signals to stop when he attempted to use the unapproved route.

He was said to have jumped a bamboo barricade at the barrier where the security officers were doing road snap checks and nearly ran into some military men there.

In an attempt to stop the rider, the police said, the unnamed military man aimed at the back tyre of the motorbike and shot at it.

He then fell with the motor and sustained injuries in the process.

He was rushed to the Nsawam Government Hospital for medication attention.

Briefing on the Friday morning incident, the Nsawam Divisional Police Commander Sup Marian Adu- Osei said the rider in his oral statement claimed his brakes failed him for which reason he could not stop when signaled to.

She said investigations have commenced establishing the true facts of the incident.

Meanwhile, health officials are awaiting X-ray results to ascertain whether the man suffered from the gunshot.

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