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Drama ensues as two Slay Queens exchange blows and kicks over boyfriend [HOT VIDEO]

The term ‘slay queen’ is used to refer to a person whose lifestyle revolves around looking good and turning heads, the women in this category are known to fight over boys and new trends.

Two women who can be referred to as slay queens judging by the way they dressed took to the streets to fight and tear their hair.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, two unidentified women were seen in a heated exchange ….

While the angry women were involved in the brawl, some people around pleaded with them to stop fighting….

While some say the fight started because of a disagreement over a man, others stated other reasons.

Even though the real cause of their fight is unknown, the two women in the video went ahead to fight themselves almost stripping each other of their clothes.

Watch the video below :


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