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Dr Kofi Amoah labeled a ‘thief’ after illegal $100k payment

President of the defunct Normalization Committee, Kofi Amoah has incurred the wrath of some football club owners with his payment of 100, 000 dollars to a lawyer who he claims masterminded the payment of a $1m debt owed the football association by telecommunication giants Globacom.

The Ghana Football Association on Friday confirmed that it has received 900,000 from telecommunication company, Globacom as an ‘arbitration settlement’ for its termination of the sponsorship of the Ghana Premier League.

The GFA in the release explained that the amount due them was $1,000,000 however the Normalization Committee, paid 10% of it as legal charges to the lawyer who handled the case on their behalf.

As per the rumours, Kofi Amoah sidestepped the FA’s official legal reps who have for the past years been on the case and recruited his personal lawyer whose name has been given as Frank Davies to litigate on behalf of the association.

The payment of the 100,000 dollars without recourse to administrative procedure and the consultation of the new FA leadership has not gone down well with some club officials who have publicly slammed Kofi Amoah for unilaterally taking a decision that impacts on the entire football industry.

Yakubu Moro, who is the owner of Division One side Berekum Arsenal went on a full tirade on Atinka FM and demanded a refund of the money.

“What he did was wrong, and some of these things when you do is the same as robbery. What he did is daylight robbery. It’s thievery. A debt which is supposed to be money for the 16 premier league clubs, and you want to deduct $100,000 dollars? No way. The FA must force him to pay the money back, or we the clubs will rally against the FA”.

Meanwhile, the Executive Council of the FA is expected to meet Kofi Amoah to seek clarification on the payment made to the lawyers.

Glo signed an agreement with the GFA in 2008 to sponsor the Ghana Premier League for five years.

Halfway through the contract, Glo pulled abrogated the deal with no specific reason given to the FA.

The FA have since been in and out court fighting the ‘unlawful’ termination of the contract.

The payment of the 1million dollars brings finality to one of the most protracted cases in Ghana football.

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