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Dr Adusei recounts how he failed exams, worked as a labourer to become a Medical Doctor

The Director of Kintampo College of Health and Well-being, in a bid to motivate students to take their education seriously, has recounted the hard moments of his journey to becoming one of the popular medical practitioners in Ghana.

The former Medical Director of the Tema General Hospital, in what seems to be funny but motivating words, repeated to his students what he told their colleagues at the college’s kitchen as follows;

“Some time ago, I said something to my students at the kitchen which got them surprised. I told them I have gone to the farm before. I have gone for By-day to pay my school fees before. And I have also had a re-sit before after falling my exams. In boxing, it is only when you have fallen and failed to rise up that they say you have been knocked down. Some fall three times and still get up to win a fight against their opponents. So when you fall down for the first time, it doesn’t mean that is the end for you. You need to get up, clean yourself and continue” He made the shocking revelation

Addressing students at a forum organized by the college’s SRC under the theme ” Pursuit Of Purpose”, Dr. Adusei said their main purpose at the college which is to acquire good certificates can only be achieved if they take their studies seriously.

He further warned the students against laziness, immoral activities as well as over-dependence on the Bible or other religious activities since that may contribute to their failure in their exams.


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