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Dont panic!!- Safety measures to follow when Earth Tremor occurs

Natural disasters never strike with a prior warning. Tremor Earthquake is a testimony to the fact. But there are measures you can take to ensure the damage is minimal. Here are some easy pointers to make sure you stay safe the next time an earthquake strikes.

Things to Keep in Mind

Ducking under a table or desk is the quickest way to protect yourself. If you’re in a high rise building, and away from a table or desk, move against a wall. Don’t panic when the sprinkler or alarm systems turn on due to malfunction and DO NOT use the elevators.

Since glass windows can shatter during an earthquake and have the potential to cause harm, it’s better to stay away from them. If you’re unable to get out of the place, stay indoors under a desk or table. Protect your head.

 When you’re outdoors, move to a clear area. Be away from signs, trees, electrical wires, buildings and poles. If you’ve been standing on a sidewalk near buildings, get under a doorway. It will protect you from plaster, glass, bricks, and other debris.


Simple Hacks for an Earthquake
1. Carry cash: In an earthquake, ATMs and credit card systems can go offline. Hence, it is advisable to keep some spare cash handy at all times.

2. Route Around Broken Net and Phone: Any damage to the connectivity grid affects civilians. For your family, consider buying a walkie talkie. For news and the latest updates on the situation, a battery-powered radio helps stay connected to the world.

3. Learn First Aid: With communications and roads down, health systems are severely strained. Learning to practice first aid can pay off in such situations.

Most importantly, lend a helping hand. Do whatever you can to help those affected by the earthquake. Preparedness towards natural disasters can help you stay safe in times of distress and emergency.


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