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Don Little Disgraced As He’s Busted for Lying About Meeting Joe Biden – He’s NOT the One in the Viral Photo

Ghanaian actor Don Little has been busted for lying about meeting U.S Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Little has shamefully become the latest Ghanaian celeb to lie about something so easy and be busted for it.

A photo went viral on Thursday showing Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden kneeling before what appears to be a child.

Ghanaian social media started claiming that the photo is of Don Little, who was in the U.S recently.

Instead of staying in his one corner and enjoy the misunderstanding, Little decided to weigh in and claim his fame.

He also posted that he met Joe Biden in the U.S.

However, other angles of the photo spotted online show that the one in the photo is indeed a child and definitely not Don Little.

What an industry we have filled with liars! The ladies lie about being in Santorini and the guys lie about meeting celebrities they never met.


Source: Ghanacelebrities


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